Sell Owner Financing At Closing And Fund Your Deals

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Learn the Concept and Program and How to Use the Owner Financing Option to Flip

Your Texas Residential (infill) lots.

Over the last 25 years we have purchased millions of dollars in owner carried notes.

Selling a vacant lot?

You can sell your property faster by offering owner financing using our funds to Cash-Out at Closing." The program is called the "Land Mogul Owner Financing Program."

By offering owner financing, your buyer pool increases exponentially and that means a faster sale of your property. You often net the same amount a cash buyer would negotiate your asking price down to.

It only makes sense to offer owner financing; more buyers will see and look at your property. Most people can't pay cash, and now you can tap that giant pool of buyers.

Videos to Step You Through the Process

Due to the Value Drop in Property Values and Inflation, the Price we pay for Notes has lessened Considerably. Ignore all pricing quotes in the videos. Each note is priced at the time it is submitted.

How It Works Overview

Example of How this Can Make Your MORE Profit at Closing than Selling to a Cash Buyer

Example of How to Draw up the Sales Contract with the Buyer

Using Our Credit Application for the Buyer and What to do after the Safe Act 3 Deal Exemption

Using Facebook Marketplace to Sell Your Deal