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Books by Real Estate Author and Expert, John Alexander

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Living Trusts for
Real Estate Investors

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How to use Living Trusts to Hide your Real Estate Investing Activities. Hide your LLC or other Corporate entity from Lawsuits, Creditors, and Competitors.
                             You will also learn:
              How to conduct your own title searches
              How to self-close your own transactions
              How to create your own deeds & closing       
              How to file them yourself.

Who Needs This Book?
Wholesalers, Double Closers, Land Flippers, and Landlord Owners.  
Written in plain english for everyday investors!

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Table of Contents and Topics Covered in the Living Trust Book

  • Resources for Real Estate Investors
  • Living Trusts, The Ultimate Entity Protector
  • What is a Trust?
  • Land Trusts
  • What is a Living Trust?
  • Revocable vs. Irrevocable
  • Parties to a Trust
  • Assigning Parties to a Trust for Investors
  • Why the Trustor is Hidden and only the Trustee is Exposed
  • Using the Trust in Negotiations
  • How to Deal in Real Estate if there are Liens Against You
  • The Legal Requirements of a Trust
  • How to Place Property into a Trust
  • Removing or Selling a Property Held by the Trust
  • Certification of Trust
  • How to file the Certification of Trust
  • Co-Trustee Verses a Single Trustee
  • How to Use Co-Trustees in Your Own Trust
  • Clauses to Include in a Trust if Co-Trustees Exist
  • Community Property Issues with Trusts
  • Understanding the Deed
  • Parts of a Deed
  • Warranty Deeds and Special Warranty Deeds
  • The "Faults" Clause
  • Warranty Deed Verses Special Warranty Deed Verbiage
  • Buy with a Warranty Deed, Sell with a Special Warranty Deed
  • Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien
  • How to Sign the Deed as a Trustee
  • Understanding the Use of Names on Deeds
  • Joint Tenants and Tenants-in-Common
  • Creating Legal Documents without “Practicing Law” Issues
  • How to Buy Properties Already in a Trust
  • Creating your First Living Trust Document
  • Drawing Up a Certification of Trust
  • Creating a Deed
  • Creating a Special Warranty Deed
  • Creating a Joint Venture with a Trust
  • State Statues on Trusts
  • The Hidden Trustee

  • Closing Without Using a Title or Closing Agent
  • How to do your own Chain of Title Search
  • Similar Name Lien Issues
  • Married Couples and Community Property Signing Rules
  • Deed of Trust Liens
  • Missing Names of Sellers in the Clerk’s Records
  • Finishing up the Deed after the Search
  • How Judgments and Liens Can Be Overcome
  • Offer to Buy the Lien at a Discount
  • You Can Always Pay the Lien Off at Closing
  • Bankruptcy Issues
  • Using Multiple Trusts
  • Wholesaling Methods Using a Trust
  • Cure to the Wholesaler Daisy-Chain Problem
  • How to Double Close Using a Trust
  • Long-Term Holds and Rentals
  • Subject-To Land Trust
  • How to Add Changes to a Trust Document
  • Dining-Room table Closing
  • How to Self-Close with Sellers
  • How to Self-Close with Buyers
  • Hiding Your Transactions from Public Eyes
  • Protecting your Company Entity using Trusts
  • How to Hide the Trustee from Public Records
  • Using a Nominee Partner as Your Trustee
  • Already have Liens Against You? Use a Trust!
  • Using Amendments in a Trust for Creative Closings

Flipping High-End Homes Using Lease-Options and Leases

As the market climbs higher, money is starting to tighten. Higher-end homes slow down first. Here is the perfect cure to the problem happening right now in the market.
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You use our A-B option contract for this step. Seller is A, you are B. Once contracted, you then will use our methods to release the home to a pre-qualified "Lease with Option to Buy" or "Lessee" party that has been approved using a proven pre-qualification process.

You will then use a special B-C contract to assign your position to the final Lessee or Buyer.  All pre-ordered copies will be autographed. 
 Release Date: June 14, 2018


Flip Discounted Notes

Buy and sell discounted notes nationwide.  
Scripts for note purchasing from owners.
All documents needed to flip notes to note buyers.


Program Your Mind
for Success

John Alexander's proven methods of programming your mind to tapping your hidden millionaire and changing your financial future. John recorded in this book, the methods that took him from homeless to multi-millionaire.


Flip Foreclosures

This is a complete course on how to flip pre-foreclosures. This Book covers how to wholesale flip, lease/option, and contract for deed pre-foreclosures and flip them to an end-buyer or long-term hold investor.

It comes with all forms and contracts needed to flip homes using these methods. 


Write Down Your Daily Goals-Success Planner

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