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Creating events in our life is one of the best ways to start using Mind Programming techniques. To give you a feel for what this is like, imagine you flip a coin. Before it lands you have no way of creating the results of heads or tails. It is outside your powers of creation to make it land on your desired result. In the next example, you hold a small rubber ball and you drop it from should height. You know what will happen next. It will fall and bounce off the floor. You know this even before you release the ball. You even know about how high it should bounce even though you may have never dropped this particular size rubber ball. This is living a life where you create the events. You know the outcomes or at least the likely outcome.

Now let’s look back at the coin flip. This is the way most people lead their daily life. They let other causes create their reality, their daily events. They get up, turn on the Television or Radio and let the speaker start creating events for them. They may go into work and let events happen and spend all their time reacting to each event, always just behind the event. They don’t have to think; they are receiving input, but not creating output. The only output happening here is a response output. They are reacting to the stimulus. This is the lowest level of existence.

In the world of bacteria, this tiny animal moves when other bacteria bumps it; or it moves toward its food source, nothing else is happening in their world. It automatically has the same repetitive responses to each of its common daily stimuli. It’s a basic mode of living, it’s the easiest way to go from one moment to the next. But it offers hardship, it eats you alive because you aren’t producing, growing. It’s nature’s way of killing off what isn’t contributing to the universal progress of creation. If you aren’t creating… actively creating with a purpose and using deep thought processes, you are being attacked by the universe as it tries to kill you off. We see whole countries of people with little education being killed off by the universe with something as preventable as malaria, or germs in water. This is Natural Selection at work, millions dying off the planet yearly. When any life form doesn’t evolve, it is destroyed by default in the evolutionary process. That’s the way it must be since the universe never stops progressing forward on a creative projection, eliminating anything that isn’t helping toward that purpose.

This shows us the first thing we should be doing in creating our daily world the way we want it to be. We must plan it out using predictable actions designed to bring the next step of created form into existence. We avoid as much as possible, the coin flip action and concentrate on the ball dropping means of actions to complete each day. By doing nothing, the coin flip is in play, fate plays out. By acting, the ball drop is in play; you’re in control of creating actions that progress you, your life, your family, your group. This means writing out what we want to happen or what we want to have, then working backwards as to how we set into creation a set of events designed to create the goal/event. Each event leads to the HAVE or the HAPPENING we wish to experience. Find out more on creating your own success or reality in my book “Millionaire Mind Programming”. Available at Author John Alexander

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What if you could build your successes each day simply by writing them out in your mind and then they just happen. You daily life activities are very similar to a Dreaming State. Except, in a dream you have almost no control over what happens next. In real life, you can direct this dream we call the Waking State toward whatever direction you wish. Imagine what you would dream of if you could direct your dreams during Sleep State. With the ability of the mind during sleep, there would be almost nothing you couldn’t do. If you could conceive it, you could achieve it. Well, that ability exists in your waking state but most people don’t realize it. For most people, their daily waking state is almost as if they are in some helpless dream state just accepting what comes along as the next progression of their day/week/year.

We are the Universe’s billions of years creation, the most advanced creation it could create. So powerful is this creative and fertile universe that its sole function is creating more complicated forms/creations from simpler past creations. It actually created its own eyes and the ability to be aware of itself through the creation of PEOPLE. This is a testament to this creative force/power. Some call it God, some call it nature. If in fact, we are the apex of its creation, and its purpose is to create more and more complicated existence, then WE must have that same ultimate purpose. We must first survive, then we must create. We as a people have already come together to link with our own moon and now other parts of the universe, we actually can see back in time to our birth as a universe.

But what is important to most individuals is the first stage of “surviving”… just working to get through our daily existence is a first priority before binding with others to create even greater creations. We can harness this power and use it to create our own Great daily life. We can literally write our own chapters for our life. You can think and write your own story into existence by combining the key elements of Be, Do, and Have. To learn how to do this amazing process and bring the success to your own daily life… get a copy of my book that explores this subject fully at The title is “Millionaire Mind Programming“. It’s not just about becoming a millionaire, unless that’s what you want, it’s about writing your daily and weekly life out the way you want it to progress. Not being an accident, not waiting on natural selection to make or break you, but actually creating each key event you need to happen next in order to HAVE whatever you want. John Alexander Book links at