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Improved-Vacant Lot At full price...

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then sell us that Financing Note at closing for ALL CASH!


Over the last 25 years we have purchased millions of dollars in owner carried notes.

Selling a vacant lot?

or mobile home on land?

You can sell your property faster by offering owner financing using our funds to Cash-Out at Closing." The program is called "Magnolia Owner Financing Program."

By offering owner financing, your buyer pool increases exponentially and that means a faster sale of your property. You often net the same amount a cash buyer would negotiate your asking price down to.

It only makes sense to offer owner financing; more buyers will see and look at your property. Most people can't pay cash, and now you can tap that giant pool of buyers.

John Alexander real estate expert, authore

Steps to selling us your owner carried note at closing

  • Get a Quote from Us and get your questions answered on a quick phone call with us
  • Add Owner Financing Option to your advertising
  • Turn documents into closing company
  • We wire in funds to buy your note at closing. All parties are paid.

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