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How to Cash-in flipping Vacant Land this Booming land market

Over the last 25 years I've created some of the most popular flip techniques in our generation like the Inverse Purchase, the Flex Option, the Compound Deed flip. Including concepts used by almost every investor flipping today such as introducing the equitable ownership idea into the real estate investor industry

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What People Are Saying:

We all need mentors. John has been a mentor of mine for over 20 years. The fountain of wisdom and information is priceless.

- Jonathan Rexford, FL

John is filled of wisdom. What he teaches works and has made lots of money for me and my team!

-Tim Mai TX

John Alexander, you and your books have changed my life for the better. I’m grateful to have stumbled upon your books during my Real Estate Investing journey, an investment I’ll never regret!

-Arianné Villanueva TX

David A. Amishay

John’s knowledge is incredibly powerful and effective in a multitude of ways that I use on a day to day basis to grow my business. John’s works have transformed my business from an avg sales guy to a 7 figure business. I am forever grateful to John Alexander. 🙏🏼

- David A. Amishay FL

Thank you John Alexander for always providing valuable and actionable knowledge! 

-Mike Novak, MN

John Alexander's approach to real estate and entrepreneurship is unmatched. His no fluff methods are great for new investors and seasoned investors as well.

-Cortney Reid MO

John Alexander has been foundational in my Real estate career. In this business you need information that isn’t out of date by the time you get it and John has been spot on with timely techniques that gets results!

John Wisdom over the years has proven to be pivotal in my growth as a real estate entrepreneur, and I don’t won’t to miss anything this man is saying!

Thanks Mr. J, you’ve changed my family’s life for the better, you’re truly Heaven sent!

-Lynwood, Leverette CO

THANK YOU John Alexander FOR BEING THE VERY BEST MENTOR & TEACHER (and human being) WE HAVE EVER MET/HAD.... this HUD closing statement says it all.

PS....If anyone is on the fence about John's training... get off the fence because this side of the fence feels better.

- Elisa Kauffman Slack FL

John and his books have been invaluable tools in my pursuit to obtain financial freedom in the real estate and land flipping business.

His Simple yet effective Strategies outlined in his books Are easy to learn and apply.

-Jason Mathew TX