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Limited Openings to JV with John Alexander


Joint Venture Real Estate Flips with John Alexander 

Register below to get in front of others before I go public with this. I can only work with a limited number of people at a time. I ran out of time, I simply can't do more deals than I'm doing without help. I need help expanding what I'm doing with my new Land Flip System I created last year.

Fast Action Takers are Rewarded! 
Cost to join is $25 a month plus your mailing costs (normally, I wouldn't charge the $25, but found people who invest nothing, do nothing). Your mailing costs typically runs $100 to $200 for a mailing per month (increase as you get better). I pay for the upfront costs of doing the flip, i.e. lists, all the other costs to purchase and sell the lot, title etc. I handle all communication with sellers and buyers.

I'm not expecting your to do your own deals, rather you are working with me on deals you generate from the mailing.  I negotiate it and close it and you get a nice percentage of the deal (30% to 40%). Your part brings me sellers and buyers to use in my Proprietary Land Flip System, then you share in the profits. Its all done from your computer.  Start now by paying the $25 then schedule a call with me below after your payment has been made.


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Call Me, John!

I paid and now ready to get starting working with you on land flips.
Contact me by phone or text to setup a time for the phone meeting.

I will contact you by text or phone to setup your phone meeting with me. Your e-mail address is only used to send you updates and special offers as well as information about the activities of John Alexander and NuDay. You can always use the unsubscribe link to stop our email communications.


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