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Limited Openings to Mentor with John Alexander


Real Estate Flips with John Alexander 

Nobody is doing what I'm doing, the way I'm doing it. It's cutting edge, unique, and that's why it works in an otherwise crowded investor market. It took me 4-years to create and hone the system.

You decide your own hours, but you will need to have 4 hours a week to devote to the business until you decide you are making enough to work more and grow more. Hopefully, you are wanting to replace your current income or job with your new real estate business. If you are not serious about building a business and can't put in the time, don't join this program. This does involve work and it takes devotion to getting things done as they are needed to get done.

Our deals are all virtual flips, meaning we do it all from our computers. You need basic computer skills to work with me. I'll teach you the process and how to use the software, but you should know the basics like, taking screenshots, move photos around on your computer or upload photos to the site I give you. You won't have to talk to sellers, I do that part. You don't sell anyone either, in fact, we don't personally sell our land, we upload it to a site and the site sell them for us, in 10 days or less. While you mentor with me, you won't have to put up money to buy deals from owners, I will show you how I leverage the deal along.

I can only work with a limited number of people at a time. I'm taking on people who want to learn the basics of the business and have me work the deals with you as you learn those basics.

Fast Action Takers are Rewarded! Cost to join is $25 a month plus your mailing costs (normally, I wouldn't charge the $25, but found people who invest nothing, do nothing). Your mailing costs will be $500 for a mailing per month. For mentees, I handle all communication with sellers and buyers and handle the more difficult parts until you are able to advance train with me to learn those parts.

I'm not expecting you to do your own deals on your own in this program, rather we are working together on deals you generate from your mailings that I help you with. I negotiate it and close it and we split the deal (30% to 40%) as part of the cost to mentor with me. As a mentee, you will learn how to sell property using my methods in my Proprietary Land Flip System. Learning how to buy is done as you advance and close more deals. It's all done from your computer. Start now by paying the $25 then schedule a call with me below after your payment has been made.


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