The Inverse Purchase
Flipping Course

Many of you used the method from 2000 to 2009 and did extremely well with it if you used it to flip pretty homes to people who needed just a little help with the "credit" issues to get into their dream home.

But the lender rules changed in 2009 and prevented its use. The great news is that I have developed another method to avoid the lender's rule changes and now we are back in business with a modified version.

Flip Pretty Houses to Retail Buyers with no lender seasoning issues. We lock in homes on a 14-day contract and flip them to buyer's that use our help getting an FHA loan.

We offer the seller as much as 90%-95% of full retail (or less as you learn to negotiate better) and flip them to our retail buyers at 100% of fair market value. (Disclosure: These percentages are not indicative of your profit as there are other costs coming out of that amount, such as some closing costs or further negotiated discounts with the buyer. Or maybe you don't find a buyer during your contract term with the seller and lose anything you spent on this transaction. All flipping carries these common risk. We can't predict your individual success rate or overall success.

This is not wholesaling, not rehabbing. The IP Flip is designed to allow investors to flip homes in the price range which can utilize FHA Loans and their loan limits for your area. The method can be used on any home which would pass an FHA inspection without doing an assignment or double close as either would violate FHA title seasoning rules.  Newly updated information for 2017.

(Disclosure: This can't be used by rehabbers as they have taken title into their name and tripped the 90-day seasoning rule. We don't take title unless other flip options become available like moving the seller to a subject to (which we don't teach in this course). We don't buy homes that need rehabbing, we never touch our pretty homes other than showing it to our buyer list in an open house styled format.)

Our market of homes is typically picture perfect homes being offered for sale by owners currently or have just come off their MLS listing. We don't flip homes currently listed with agents with this method, as their commission is most of our profit area we ask the seller for.

(Disclosure: Real Estate investing does involve financial and legal risks. You can lose all the money you spent to buy this course and any money you spent working the method. Don't buy this course if you can't afford to lose money spent in connection with starting a business. Most people who buy real estate courses either don't use them, or fail to make any money with them, we will assume, this one as well. We offer this method only as a training course in John Alexander's IP Flip Method and not as a money making opportunity. After obtaining this course, we advise you review it with your attorney before using it.)

30 DAY REFUND: Due to the nature of our revealing trade secrets to you in the course, once you buy this material, there is A LIMITED refund OF 90% allowed. iF YOU Refund, you will be charged a 10% fee which is $300.00.

NO PUBLIC EXPOSURE: Anyone buying this material must agree not to reveal its method online, in social media, or share it or sell it any form other than in actual personal use in flipping.


22 Master Classes
Jam-Packed Video Modules
and Full Manual, Documents.

Which Include the following
  • The Inverse Purchase Overview

    1. What our typical home looks like and why  
        Sellers love our High-end all cash at closing offers.
    2. How Credit Scores Plays into our hand for our Buyers. 
    3. History of the IP Flip. 
    4. Overview of the IP method.
     5. Overview of how to find Buyers and Sellers.

  • 2. Getting into the Details

    6. Open House Method, Getting Buyers
    7. FHA Loan Secrets and twists
    8. Contracts, Trusts, Our Target Home and Seller, Advance Documents, and Seller Psychology.

  • 3. Finding and Qualifiying Retail Buyers

    9. Using Bandit Signs and Snippet Signs
    10. Showing the Home to the Buyer
    11. Taking Buyer's Info for Loan Qualification
    12. Guiding Seller and Steps to Extending the
    Contract or Turning in the Documents for
    13. Details about Lender Requirements and
    Approval for Buyers.

  • 4. The Deal Flow

    14. How to use and set up a Trust to hold and flip property.
    15. The 5-Second Commercial and Initial Questions and Opening with the Seller.
    16. The Detailed Process of Document flow inside the Inverse Purchase from Start to End. Includes the 2017 Update to locking in your profit.

  • 5. Advanced Seller Presentation

    17. The Key Questions to Controlling the Seller's Home.
    18. Computing the Sales Price and the Buy Price. Comparables.
     19. The Full Seller Presentation.  
    20. Filling out the Documents: STD 1,
    21. STD 2.
    22. STD 3 and final thoughts.


2 Payments of $195.00

You Get Complete Access to online Course

10% Charge on any Refunds

30 Day Refund Period