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How to Flip Discounted Notes 

You will learn every aspect of being a Discounted Note Broker in these pages, from my proven ways of finding unlimited notes -to using my mortgage purchase agreement (included) -to locking in the flip to my list of favorite note wholesale buyers. They will buy almost any kind of payment stream, even newly created notes.

You will even learn how to buy and flip notes on auction sites. Single or bulk note purchases from small banks, to finding notes from online county deed records, it's all here, everything I’ve learned over 35 years in the note business.
This book is a course I sold for many years at prices from $300 to over $1000 in various seminar formats.

I have now made the information available in book-form that anyone can afford. I keep it up to date so you know the methods in the latest edition is what is working right now in the discounted note industry.

This book is considered the Note Broker’s Bible in the Discount Note Brokering and Note Investing industry for many years.

You will learn how to buy a full note, a partial note, partial payments, full balloon note, part of a balloon note, part of the monthly payment and part of any balloon. All done with both financial calculators and John's free online note broking calculators that make it super easy to create different offers depending on what the note holder needs.

New for 2018 is how the Dodd-Frank Act affects the note business and I reveal my favorite type of note to create, hold, and flip that doesn't fall under the Dodd-Frank regulations. Yet, it is one of the safest notes available today.

This note can be flipped to private investor or even Self-Directed IRA holders paying out a yield up to 20%.

I also share my top method for creating 20% to 30% yielding notes that you can keep or flip to investors and note buyers. These are rock solid, secure real estate notes that you can create on deals in your local area.

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