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How to Flip
Vacant Lots

John Alexander's Complete Vacant Lot Flipping Course

Learn my advanced secrets I have kept to myself for years that will show you how to have the buyer fund your puchase, I call it "Self-Funding Deals." 

Over 6-hours of  Video Training walks you through the entire flipping process from finding to researching, to negotiations, to flipping vacant lots


Auto-Fill Document Generator
You input the information for your land flip deal into the Generator ONCE and all your paperwork is generated for both the Buy Side and the Sell Side (subject to buyer info).

I walk you through every step of flipping vacant lots either locally or online/virtually ...from anywhere in the world.

What You Get in the Course...

For the last 5 years, I've been silently flipping vacant lots full time. I refused to teach my methods until now. You won't find "self-funding" deals in other course on land flipping, because it's one of my closely guarded secrets. Now it's yours. 

Having trained hundreds of thousands of real estate investors, I know how to get you the information that allows you to start flipping land in just days from now. 

I walk you through the my entire process for flipping vacant lots in over 6-hours of video training modules. 

Get access to my Land Flip Autofill Document Generator: 

You input the information for your deal into the form ONCE and all your paperwork is generated for both the Buy Side and the Sell Side (subject to buyer info).

On the Sale side, it generates all closing documents to either sell for Cash or with Seller financing Financing including the creation of a Deed of Trust as the lien.
Autofill Documents include Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deed, Memorandum of Contract, Trust Document, Certification of Trust, Deed of Trust, Closing Statement, Letters to Buy with, Sell with, and to mail to Sellers and Buyers. All with the click of one link. If you need to make changes, simply copy and paste the documents into Word before you use them.

You get Everything you need to Hit the Ground Running this Week!

$ 197 

Everything Above

-Vacant Lot Flip Course-

For a one-time payment, you get full access to John's Vacant Lot Flip course and autofill System

$ 497 

Everything Above

AND Coaching 

Speak with John up to 2 hours to review your deals, get direction, unique strategies for your individual situation.



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