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Flipping High-End Homes Using Lease-Options and Leases

by John Alexander

The New REAL ESTATE Boom is in Lease Flipping…
Use the “Inverse Option Flip™ ” to Flip Homes!
The market today requires a new method such as the Inverse Option Flip method as explained in this new book! We are no longer in a Seller’s Market, where the Seller makes money. We are no longer in a Buyer’s Market, where the Buyer makes money. We are now in a new market… a Leasing Market, where the Banks and Investors make money.

You can be an investor and not have to put up a long term investment into a property by using the Inverse Option Flip method. Using this unique “Flip” method, you can flip homes to people using an Inverse Option Flip with a $10.00 option contract.
Lease “Flips” works in all 50 states!

How it Works…
The Inverse Option Flip is a system for flipping high-end homes using a series of contracts with sellers and buyers and an Invoice System for taking your profit for putting the deal together and assigning it to the seller.

This is a new and improved system for today’s market and uses a concept of 3 legal agreements to put your deal together. It’s taken me the last year to discover and create the new Inverse Option Flip strategies for the new Leasing Market.

It allows an investor to flip homes without a real estate license or having to put up large amounts of Option Money or other long term investment in a home. It doesn’t keep you “stuck” in the middle of a set of contracts the way a normal Lease/Option flip does.

My method keeps you in the deal just long enough to put the deal together, it pays you a profit and allows you to walk away with the original seller and your buyer having the “long term relationship”.

That means no “Landlord” headaches for you, no property insurance issues with the bank etc which happens in seller financing flips. You will learn and be equipped with our unique turnkey Inverse Option Flip system of optioning and immediately reselling/leasing homes all in one transaction using a single closing and walking away with no ties to the deal after closing with your cash profit in hand. No Landlord, Bank, or Insurance issues.

Building a Poweful “Tenant” List 
The new economy has created a new way of finding tenants that I discovered by accident. Some of the greatest discoverys are made by the happy accidents. This one will revolutionize they way you attract only the Best of the Best tenants for your deals.

They need you as much as you need them. That’s the only way the game works when flipping leases. With my tenant system supplied in the Inverse Option Flip training, your deals are ready inside days and can be completed in a matter of hours since you will have a list of renters for every property.

No Foreclosures or Distress Sales
The Inverse Option methods are not designed to work with short sale, foreclosure, preforeclosure, or properties that involve a new mortgage being obtained by the buyer. This method is designed to work with homeowners and investors who are wanting to lease their normal everyday property especially high-end homes.
No Experience Needed using the Inverse Option Flip
Most of our clients come to us with very little or no background in real estate. I have taught my system to people with no real estate experience at all, as well as to attorneys, real estate agents, real estate brokers, loan officers, and mortgage brokers. I will teach you everything you need to excel in the new real estate market today.

Once you use the Inverse Option Flip method you will not even want to attempt any other traditional flipping methods such as Lease Option, Subject-to or wholesales flipping without using our documents and system. Any home seller becomes a potential deal. You don’t need an “exclusive option” to work my system.

No license or special background required
By using my method exactly as it is shown, you are not required to have a Real Estate License or a Mortgage Brokers license. I caution you NOT to modify my exact method found in the Inverse Option Flip course or use other methods of flipping Lease/Options because you may be in violation of your State’s real estate license requirement or you may be in violation of the Due-on-Sale Clause, even if the bank doesn’t enforce it now.

These kinds of legal issues will follow you for up to 4 years and could become an issue later. Don’t follow people who tell you to do things that are illegal or in the “gray” area of the law. It’s either right or wrong according to the law and to the people in the transaction, I’ll teach you the right way to do it.

Overview of an Inverse Option Flip
Here’s a quick overview of the Inverse Option Flip technique… You place a “non-exclusive option” with a home owner willing to Lease or Lease/Option you their home at market price. You never have to put up option, lease, or security deposit money using our system so there is nothing to lose! You use our A-B option contract for this step.

You use our A-B option contract for this step. Seller is A, you are B. Once contracted, you then will use our methods to release the home to a pre-qualified "Lease with Option to Buy" or "Lessee" party that has been approved using a proven pre-qualification process.
You will then use a special B-C contract to assign your position to the final Lessee or Buyer.

Once, you have finalized your deal with the buyer and obtained the initial payment, you withhold your profit and assign your deal to your seller using a third, special contract and invoice. Your target is to earn the 1st month’s lease amount or a large portion of the Lease Options or Down payment, depending on the type of flip.

Home studies reports on the future of increasing demand for Rentals….more info
The seller and buyer is 100% aware and agree to your position in the transaction. The deal is 100% transparent to all parties. Even your profit is agreed to by the seller from day one. Unless your deal is 100% transparent, you could be in violation of contract law. This is why you want to “do it the right way” every time, no exceptions.

The key to completing your deals will be in “selling” the seller on your position and why they should agree to your structure. This topic is detailed with actual scripts designed to get an instant “yes” from the seller. Another key found in the Inverse Option Flip course is in finding and buyers the “legal” way. Many gurus suggest you find buyers first. The problem with that is two-fold.

1: It is illegal to even attempt to find buyers before you have a contract on a home. It’s a violation in all 50 states.

2: Buyer’s you build too far ahead, won’t last.

They die off too quickly to find them a home. My method cures both problems by keeping you legal while still building a buyer list, but not one made up buyers that die off quickly. Using my 3 prong approach, you will have a steady stream of new buyers ready to go while staying completely “legal” by using the Inverse Option Flip.

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