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Books by Real Estate Author and Expert, John Alexander

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Living Trusts for
Real Estate Investors

Exposing your name or your business entity in public records puts a target on your back for certain litigious "people" who decide to sue based on your publicly exposed assets, especially real estate.

Stop exposing your investing hot spots to your competition 

Wholesalers, Buy and Hold, Land/Lot Flips, Rentals Landords and more need to HIDE your transactions from the public eye.  
REALEASE DATE:  MAY, 30, 2018    Pre-order and get an autographed copy of the book


Flip Discounted Notes

Buy and sell discounted notes nationwide.  
Scripts for note purchasing from owners.
All documents needed to flip notes to notebuyers.


Program Your Mind
for Success

John Alexander's proven methods of programming your mind to tapping your hidden millionaire and changing your financial future. John recorded in this book, the methods that took him from homeless to multi-millionaire.


Flip Foreclosures

This is a complete course on how to flip pre-foreclosures. This Book covers how to wholesale flip, lease/option, and contract for deed pre-foreclosures and flip them to an end-buyer or long-term hold investor.

It comes with all forms and contracts needed to flip homes using these methods . 


Write Down Your Daily Goals-Success Planner

This is a tool that is capable of changing your entire future. It is a tool that can program your mind to deliver you anything, anyone, take you anywhere, or give you any kind of lifestyle that you can conceive.

 In 3 days you are going to be seeing a new you. In 60 days, miracles can happen.           11 X 8.5 PAPERBACK BOOK


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